Similar Apps Like ShowBox Alternatives To Watch Online Movies

We have already discussed in detail about what Showbox Movie App is and how to install it to watch free movies online. But, if you want to know about some more movies apps, which are similar apps like Showbox in their functioning like the best alternative, we are here to help you.

Here, we are coming up with an excellent post about apps like Showbox to watch movies online without downloading on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and PC/Laptop. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the Apps that can be used as an alternative to Showbox. You will get to enjoy a different layout and user interface in each application. So, here is our list of best free movie appsmovies apps like showbox

Free Movie Apps Like Showbox – Watch Free Movies

  1. Megabox Hd App and Movie Hd App:

Megabox HD a free movie App that gets updated on a day to day basis. You can easily navigate and directly download the download the movies you like to see. It assembles the movies by genre, popularity and ratings. So anyone not having the full information about the movies can search according to the requirements. This application also supports Chromecast. It’s not available on the Playstore for direct downloading. Only after downloading its APK, you can install this App. Its APK link is given above.

Source: (APK Link)

  1. Cinema Box App

It is also a free movies app which has an endless collection of new as well as old movies. You can watch them at your pleasure. The unique feature of this app is that it shows the films with subtitles and ratings, which helps a less informed movie lover to find a good movie based on them. It provides you an option to watch movies or TV shows in different quality standards. Cinema Box App is available only for iOS users.

Android Link:

iOS Download:

  1. PlayBox HD App

We will recommend this is as one of the best alternatives that mirror maximum features of the Showbox App. One of the major things that attract while using this app is its beauty. Its user interface is very interactive and beautiful. It has also got the feature of streaming the video through the Chromecast.

Download Link:

free movies online with showbox alternatives

  1. Crackle

With monthly uploading of the content, this app doesn’t require any signup, which is a great relief. It is also a free app that is available for both the users i.e. Android and iOS. You can save a list of links of movies you wish to watch later to keep in the ‘watchist’ option.

For Android:

For iOS:

  1. Hubi App

In addition to all the features of the Showbox App, this App contains a unique feature of ‘download manager’. This advanced download manager helps you to save your download list. This download file can be copied, downloaded, deleted or transferred. It is available only for the Android users. This App is endowed with the capacity of keeping a track of your recent visits, which can help you anytime.

Official Source:

  1. Popcorn Time:

The good news about this app is that it is available for all the platforms, be it Linux, Android or iOS. You can watch TV serials as well as movies on this App. It has a seamless collection of them. The specialty of Popcorn Time app is that you can adjust the quality of the video as per the speed and quality of internet connection you have.

Download From: Popcorn Time site.

  1. Hulu App:

We recommend this App highly. The reason being, it doesn’t get updated weekly, daily or monthly. Instead, it updates the content on its App after just a few minutes of the airing of the TV show. You can use the option to choose different TV shows as per your wish. It has ousted other streaming sites in its frequency of content edition.

Link For Android:

For iOS:

  1. Movie Tube:

This App supports all the platforms, be it Android, Windows, Mac or iOS. It has got an excellent interface and handy performance ability. Its collection of movies and TV shows is massive.


  1. Cartoon Hd App:

The cartoon HD is available only on the iOS supported devices. It specifically concentrates on the Cartoon shows, though it has got a huge collection of latest movies and TV Shows also. But, to be true, it is not as useful as Show Box App.


  1. Sky Hd App:

The developer of this App is Hd cinema. This is a recommendable movie App that competes very well with the similar applications. This Application is only available for the Android users. It is again an application that requires an installation through downloading its APK files.


We have compiled this comprehensive list by focusing on the significant aspects of these Apps. Most of these Apps fulfill all the criteria of what a live movie or video App should primarily contain. Use all of them and pick one for yourself about which is best for you. If you find us lacking somewhere in this list, please do inform us.