Fix Showbox Not Working – Update Error, Captcha Solving, Server & Video Not Available

Showbox is one of the modern movies applications, and it has so many issues always we get. I have been travelling with Show Box app on my iPhones/iPads, and even I have installed Showbox on my PC too using Android Emulator. Recently, While watching one of the best movies of Showbox, I had encountered a problem called Video not available. And also when I tried to update the application, one message appeared on the screen showing that Showbox update error.

Like these issues, ShowBox has been struggling to serve movies to the audience. So, I have decided to help people to Solve any Showbox error without spending most of your valuable time praying for a fix. One of the best solution if you get any Showbox issues is looking at some similar apps like Showbox. Or finding our solution like we found below. Let’s see what you can do…

Pro Tip: Never update the application unless you get the problem with watching movies/TV shows. If you get server errors, video not loading, sound errors then you can update it.

Fix ShowBox Not Working On Android, iPhone/iPad & PC

Check what is your issue with Showbox and find the solution for that particular problem. We just hope this fixes would work to watch any movie on Show Box.

Note: These are not 100% working but we tried and worked for us.

Issue 1: Unfortunately Showbox has stopped or Video Not Available Try another Server

video not available fixed on showbox

Solution: To get rid of this particular issue, you need to update the application and go to settings > applications > Select Showbox > Clear data & cache. If you cannot update the application or getting update error, please read the complete article to get updated Showbox without any error.Android apps location on Settings

clearing the cache and data on ShowboxHere is the result of doing this procedure to solve Showbox video not available try another serverShowbox working without any problem now

Issue 2: Showbox Update Error

It is one of the general errors we get while trying to update the app to the new version. To solve this, uninstall the current Showbox application and download latest APK file and install it on your device.

Issue 3: Showbox Captcha Solving & VK.COM Login or Sign Up

It is a very rare issue comes when the application is under maintenance. It can be solved only by the developers. We just need to wait for their notification about when it’s going to start working again.

For every problem, you have the better solution of uninstalling the app, clearing the data & cache, and Installing the latest Showbox APK in your device.