Download Showbox For PC, Show Box For Windows 10/8

It is worthless to waste money on watching the movies with subtitles when you can see them online for free. If you aim to watch movies and not in the theater, we are here to let you know about Showbox For PCs.

There are several easy ways to download it directly on your desktop. Here we use an emulator called Bluestacks App Player to install it on your laptop for enjoying the free movies.

Download ShowBox For PC

For installing Showbox App using Bluestacks App, you need first to download and install bluestacks on your computer and then use the APK file of the ShowBox App for installing it.

Here are the simple steps to be followed to get Showbox App on PC.

Step 1: Now, Download the Bluestacks Official Software for Windows OS.

Step 2: After the download completes, just double-click on the Bluestacks.EXE.

Step 3: When the download starts, you will get a little notification as “% Extracting”.

Step 4: After the extraction gets complete, you get the next window welcoming you to BlueStacks. Click on the ‘Next’ button for proceeding next button for further installation of bluestacks Step 5:  In the next window, the application will ask you about the data location you want for the Bluestacks. Just select wherever you want it to be, by using the ‘Browse’ button. I have selected the default “C:\ProgramData.” Now click the ‘Next’ tab.

Step 6: Now, in the next window, bluestacks will suggest to you that it runs better when given access to the App Store and App Communications. Give permission, if you want it to run best. But, if you have other concerns, just do not confirm. Now, after having made your mind and selecting the way you want it to install, click on ‘Install’ button.

Step 7: After clicking on Install, in the next window, you will get the notification as ‘Installing Bluestacks”.  It will run in 4 steps, and the window will continue to give the information about how much steps and done and how much time is remaining.

Step 8: After the installation gets complete, you will get the notification in the next window as ‘Installation Completed.’ Select the Start Bluestacks and click on the ‘Finish’ tab. Download Showbox APK from here.

Step 9: Now, you will see the opened window of the Bluestacks App. In the front window, you will get the notification about how you can set the WhatsApp on the laptop with the use of Bluestacks. At the left-hand side of the windows, you will see ample tools listed to be used with Bluestacks.

If you see the below screenshot carefully, you will find that there is an option in which APK is written in the center of a circle. When you go on it, your arrow will show ‘Install APK’ written. So, click on that icon.Install APK from bluestacks Step 10: After clicking, it will ask for the location of the APK you want to run. I have saved the APK on the desktop, so I selected accordingly.selecting showbox apk from PC Step 11: After getting the proper location, you will automatically get a notification in a small window that says “Installing APK….”

Step 12: After your installation, you will see a small tab of the Application on the main window of the BlueStack software. You need to click on that for once to start it.installed successfully and ready to open Step 13: After clicking, you will find a message that prompts you to wait for some time for the processing of the movies data to get complete.movies data loadingStep 14: Once the processing receives complete, your Showbox App will open. Happy watching!

Try to follow this procedure exactly and watch movies on PC using Showbox application. If you have any issues with installation, please leave us your comments below. Now, You use Showbox App on Windows 10 Operating System. This method works on Windows 8 and Windows 7 also.

showbox for PC

That can help you to live stream the movie you want to see, and even download some of them as well to watch them when you do not have any real internet connection. ShowBox For Windows 10 is the same procedure we have given here.

Have you ever thought Can I download Showbox for Computer? If yes, we are here to help you with a step-by-step guide to direct you to the ways to download Showbox For PC.